Re-Opening after COVID-19 Pandemic

Welcome home!

Good news!   Under the directions and strict protocol from the Virginia United Methodist Conference, Bishop Sharma Lewis and Rev. Seonyoung Kim-York River DS.  Bethlehem will open for worship on Sunday, June 21,2020 @11:00AM.  We are opening with extreme care and concern for our church family.   The strict guidelines must be followed for the welfare and safety for all.

The process does require some things from you, however, and I am grateful for your attention to the details.

*The church will be cleaned & disinfected before and after each service

*We ask you to register four days in advance by sending (or calling) the Health Acknowledgement Form to the Pastor who will keep the forms locked (dated for each service). Friends & family welcome BUT NO admittance without registration by calling Pastor Chuck Winner 804-384-7678 email

*The service will be held in the sanctuary.

*NO children under the age of 7 years are allowed for worship in Stage 2

*Please take your temperature before leaving home (DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE ILL)

*Follow the signage for entrance, seating & departure

* Upon arriving to church, you will be met with a greeter and directed to proper social distance seating.      Social distancing must be followed (6 feet) on all church grounds. Families will be seated together.

*the pew cushions, hymnals, the Bibles, worship materials, pens have been cleaned & stored

*Masks will be required to enter the church – Masks MUST BE worn upon leaving your car

*You may wish to bring your own hand sanitizer and cushion if needed (they are not provided)

*The order of the service will be shown on the screens. (no paper bulletins)

*There will be no hugging, no singing, or no handshakes (waving allowed)

*The offering plate will be placed on a table

*If you must use the restroom during worship, only one person should be present at a time.

You can expect the following:

The service will last about 30-35 minutes consisting of an invocation, prayers and message. (instrumental music – no singing)

You will be loved and welcomed in spite of the overwhelming need for restrictions.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to call Pastor Chuck at 804-384-7678 or Email

We look forward to seeing all of YOU that feel safe coming to worship at Bethlehem UM Church!

Upper Room Daily Devotional

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