Pastor Chuck Winner and Jane Winner

Pastor Chuck Winner and Mrs. Jane Winner

After 35 years in business, Jesus Christ came fully and deeply into my life. Soon afterward I received God’s call to ministry. This led me to attend Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina where I served as a student pastor at Bynum United Methodist Church while going to school.

After graduation I was appointed to Bethel UMC and St. Matthew UMC in Mathews, Virginia. Four years later, following my ordination, I was appointed to Stanardsville UMC just north of Charlottesville, Virginia where I served for 8 years. In June of 2020 I entered retired status with the Virginia Conference. In this capacity I now serve as a retired elder at Bethlehem UMC

As a pastor my theology can be described as conservative and traditional. I enjoy different styles of worship and like to involve the congregation in conducting worship as much as possible. I understand visitation of the sick and homebound to be an important part of my ministry role. For me, the number one priority of the church is to make more and better followers of Jesus Christ.

Outside of my relationship with Jesus, my first priority is my wife Jane and our family. Jane and I have been married since 1982. We have two children and six grandchildren. I have two daughters by a first marriage and four grandchildren as well. I enjoy sports of all kinds and love the outdoors.